About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog.  I am a forty-something mother of three teenagers.  My day job is as a medical writer for the pharmaceutical industry, which I am fortunate enough to do from a home office.  Two of my kids are birth children and one was adopted through the foster care system in North Carolina, where we were foster parents for 4 years.  I was a foster and adopted child myself many, many years ago.

Over the years, any time I’ve shared my story of being adopted, searching for my birth mother, fostering children, and later adopting, people have said to me “you’ve got to write a book about that.”  So, now I have.   I’m in the polishing-and-searching-for-an-agent-or publisher stage now.  It’s been a beautiful, crazy, funny, sometimes painful, and always fascinating journey, and I’d love to share the experience with you as I move forward.   Thanks for joining me!


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